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Video: Takedown and Control of Attacker Taking Young Girl

This article has a video of a man taking down an insistent, drugged-out man who repeatedly make physical moves and verbally stated his intention of taking a six-year-old girl from her mother's arms.

On the evening of January 4, a family was taking its first trip to the beach in Venice, California, when a homeless man persisted in trying to grab the family’s six-year-old girl from her mother’s arms. That triggered the girl’s uncle, a U.S. Army veteran, to execute a takedown where the two men wrestled until LAPD Pacific Division officers arrived; it took six officers to subdue the homeless man.

The video shows the girl's uncle taking down the assailant from behind by grabbing his long hair and pulling to the ground. The uncle goes for a knee in the belly for control. A cut in the video jumps forward to a final scene where he is controlling the assailant by taking his back and performing some sort of head restraint.

When it becomes apparent that the assailant is continuing to try to take the young girl, something has to be done. No amount of pleading or trying to reason with this person is going to work. The time to take action is now and the uncle solves the problem by being decisive. It would appear that he has some training by his use of effective techniques and his movement between different techniques to control the assailant.

It's sometimes said in training circles that nice people are too slow to react to threats. In this case it seems as if the family's use of passive resistance to a determined attacker would never work. Only the decisive action by the uncle rendered the situation stable until police could arrive.

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