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Disclaimer on Force

Geoff Thompson said the ugliest truth you will face about violence is that it can only be stopped with the use of greater violence.  Such is the serious and sometimes deadly business of self-defense.  By it's very definition, it requires the use of force to stop, deflect, or deter the use of force by an aggressor.


On this site various aspects of self-defense are discussed, techniques are presented and information is shared.  You alone are personally responsible for your use of the knowledge and techniques to be found here.  While the information presented by the author(s) here is generally thought to represent the newest and best on the subject(s), there is no guarantee that the use of such knowledge or techniques will keep you from injury or harm.  The author(s) also cannot be responsible for other injuries that result from your use or misuse of any information found here.  


Any information here should not be construed to be legal advice even if we are talking about legal issues.  You should be familiar with the laws of your municipality, county and state.  If you are not, employ the services of an attorney.   

Seriously, this is an area in which you MUST educate yourself. Your ignorance here will not save you in a court of law or the court of public opinion. Self-defense is your right. But modern society has placed thousands of laws surrounding this issue.


Learn the laws in your state. 

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