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The Robin Hood Mentality: Prepare for More Crime Ahead

Photo of cars surrounding a FedEx truck in Memphis, Tennessee, which allowed a mob of looters to break into and rob the contents of the truck.
Brazen mob, criminality, and violence, as seen here with the robbing of a FedEx truck in Memphis is growing. The perpetrators feel their actions are justified and some are calling this the Robin Hood mentality

In the face of worsening economic conditions, crime rates across the nation have witnessed a concerning surge. Recent incidents highlight the severity of the situation, with one particular event in Memphis, Tennessee, taking center stage (pictured above). A mob of approximately 40 individuals brazenly looted a FedEx truck stopped at a red light, causing nearly $10,000 in damages and making off with items such as Kicker Speakers, air liners, and DirectTV cable boxes.

Instances of such crimes, fueled by what some term a "Robin Hood mentality," are becoming increasingly prevalent. Large groups seem to justify taking from the wealthy and corporations, attributing their actions to a belief that the affluent have exploited the less fortunate to amass their wealth. I've seen people justify looting and burning as a nonviolent or "victimless" crime because business owners have insurance to pay for the losses. This mindset poses significant risks and is spreading rapidly.

The current backdrop of an election season and a Middle East conflict further intensifies the tensions. A recent incident involving Pro-Palestine protesters shutting down the Bay Bridge during rush hour resulted in chaos, 70 arrests, and 29 towed cars. As geopolitical tensions escalate, 2024 is anticipated to be a particularly tumultuous election year.

The growing wealth disparity between the rich and the rest of society is exacerbating societal issues. Social media plays a role in intensifying this divide, allowing the less privileged to witness the opulent lifestyles of the wealthy, fostering envy. A recent Federal Reserve study highlights the financial strain on the bottom 80%, revealing a decline in bank deposits and other liquid assets compared to their status in March 2020.

These challenges underscore the profound economic shifts occurring in the country. While the majority of Americans experience a decline in their financial well-being, the rich continue to amass wealth at an unprecedented rate. The growing gap between the affluent and the rest of the population is reaching historic proportions, posing significant challenges to the fabric of American society.

The political, social, and cultural fracturing we are seeing has been becoming more and more violent. Perpetrators feel less less personal responsibility and don't see consequences for their actions.

We are seeing massive demonstrations between political and cultural groups, which are also turning violent.

This is going to get worse before it gets better. Prepare yourself and your family to avoid, evade, and defend yourself from crime.

Best advice: stay away from crowds.

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