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Criminal Mindset Has Shifted Says FBI Agent

criminal mindset has shifted with a photo of the Allen, Texas murderer
Have the cultural limits we used to have being crossed by increasingly violent criminals?

If it seems that crime is getting more violent and more heinous, it's probably because of the changing mindset of criminals according to a former FBI special agent who was interviewed by Fox10 in Phoenix.

"The mindset has changed. The lines that we knew not to cross are no longer there. The lines have been erased, and the filter has been taken out," says longtime FBI agent Michael Tabman.

"Whether his problems are real or imagined, it doesn’t matter. There are problems that he felt he had a scapegoat for, and he’s going to show them, 'cause he’s tough he can shoot an unarmed person and get revenge and be a hero. But those are part of their own hallucinations, fantasy world," Tabman said.

"It's very obvious that we have many troubling dynamics that are coalescing together to create this bundle of problems for us as a society," Tabman said.

As part of those dynamics, he brought up "violent political rhetoric", copycat criminals, and the "dark" part of the internet which can be a problem for troubled people.

He said trying to determine the motive or the reason why a criminal acted can be difficult, because often it makes no sense.

"When you talk about the little devil on the shoulder, the devil is getting a much louder voice now than the angel on the other shoulder," Tabman said.

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