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The Rise of Deadly Shoplifting

Rise of potentially lethal acts used by criminal thieves to cover their crimes

Clerk set on fire by serial shoplifter in California
This is a still captured from surveillance video showing a shoplifter setting a store clerk on fire in California

The photo above is from a disturbing surveillance video out of the Bay Area in California showing a serial shoplifter setting a store clerk on fire with stolen lighter fluid after the clerk tried to stop the man from stealing.

According to the clerk, who has been working at the store for the past five years, the workers at the Bay Area store have to deal regularly with shoplifters.

He just splashed lighter fluid on my face, and I was so scared that moment. I tried to cover his hand, but I don’t know. I don’t remember. He just lit the fire on me you know,” Suraj told CBS News. “I just rushed to the restroom, and I just splashed water on my face.”

This comes right after John Farnam sent out a warning that the progression of "shoplifting" is becoming "aggressive shoplifting" with the predictable result to become "robbery". Farnam cited the three recent incidents of shoplifters in Atlanta setting fires in stores to create chaos to cover for their organized retail theft.

The very use of the word shoplifting seems to paint a picture of a low end crime without any threat to others. Robbery, on the other hand, is the felonious taking of someone's property from their person or in their immediate presence, against their will, by violence or intimidation.

So we can see we are already at the level of robbery and the violence and the deadly threat it now involves.

More than ever, pay attention to the people around you, what they are doing, and have a plan to evacuate any area you are in at the time.

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