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"Nobody is Safe" in San Francisco

Updated: May 9, 2023

Homeless man smashes resident with metal pipe.

Don Carmignani, a former fire commissioner, was attacked on the streets of San Francisco's Marina District, a short distance from his home. According to a friend, he sustained several head and face wounds in addition to a shattered jaw and fractured skull.

Carmignani's friend Joe Alioto Veronese told Fox2. "Don’s a big guy and what it says to me is this kind of thing can happen to anybody. Nobody is safe in San Francisco right now."

The media reports I have seen are almost all the same in called the weapon a "crow bar". I don't know about you but when I hear an object described as a crowbar I think of something that looks like this (photo on right):

several examples of crowbars

Then you see the photo above and you can see it's more like a two to three foot pipe.

Pipe, crowbar, club, bat, rock...whatever. We need to be training to defend against this sort of blunt object.

Please, be aware that we are facing a deadly threat from an attacker wielding a blunt instrument. This is absolutely serious business -- be prepared to respond with lethal force to protect yourself.


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