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Here We Go: Prepare for Summer Riots

Los Angeles Police respond to violent demonstration which portends more violent riots this summer.

Los Angeles police sent out a citywide tactical alert on Tuesday as violent protests broke out. Protesters robbed rocks and bottles at police officers and damaged a Department of Homeland Security car.

Video out of Los Angeles shows protestors marking a Federal Protective Services car with graffiti and shattering one of the car's windows. (The FPS is the police division of the Department of Homeland Security).

Intelligence sources say they are seeing the same indicators that were seen just before the George Floyd riots in 2020.

Overt Signs of Riot Organization

We are seeing groups mobilizing for protests (and potentially political violence) ahead of the pending Supreme Court ruling that will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Protests are planned to be held in U.S. cities including Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The national Women’s March organization has urged protesters to bring families and signs to “courthouses and federal buildings everywhere”. The social media hashtag #BansOffOurBodies” being used to publicize the protests.

Covert Signs of Riot Organization

There are indications of social media accounts which were active in the summer two years ago reactivating after being inactive for months.

These accounts are sharing similar info on how to best organize and how to join affinity groups.

There is increased instructions on how to:

  • Add “direct action” into demonstrations

  • Anti-police tactics.

  • Provide first aid for group members.

  • Maintain digital anonymity and physical security.

  • Move successfully to maximize the effect of the protests.

These accounts are calling for violence and actions against law enforcement, anti-abortion groups, and conservatives.

Most likely the riots this summer will be orchestrated in major cities which provide advantages for the organizers. In other words, we will probably see violence in many of the same cities which experienced violence during the Floyd riots.

Train and prepare accordingly. We have discussed protecting yourself in riots in these posts:

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