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Disabled Woman Shoots and Stops Intruders -- Serves as Example for Trainers

Photo of crime scene where disabled woman shot an armed intruder (

This story is a good example of a reminder for us as trainers regarding our individual students' varying abilities and needs.

Deputies said the 18-year-old and a 17-year-old male broke a resident's patio door window. The 53-year-old disabled resident was home alone when the teens broke the window and reached inside and unlocked the door, according to investigators.

The resident fired one shot, killing the teen who was in front, deputies said.

The reminder for us here is she has limitations which could very well dictate the force options she has for personal protection. You will have to approach her differently than the pipe hitters you normally train. Likely you will be scratching a number of force options that many students need to have. I'm going to bet there are certain limitations she has that will cut down the number of firearms which she could use effectively.

This thread also reminds me about the time I inquired about an older student's choice of where he positioned his belt holster. Turns out his colostomy bag presents an obstacle for his holster, so he has to wear it at an unusual position, so we had to work around it. Another lesson learned regarding this topic.

Tailor your instruction to your individual students. There are often significant reasons why their needs might be different.

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