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5.11 Rush MOAB 10 Sling Bag Review

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Man with 5.11 Rush MOAB sling bag over his shoulder
Review of the 5.11 Rush MOAB sling bag for CCW off-body carry.

The 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 is a sling type backpack capable of being used as a daily commuter bag with the bonus of having an excellent concealed carry compartment for your defensive handgun. The main reason I wanted to look at the 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 backpack was precisely for the ability to have a sling bag with a readily available concealed carry compartment.

It's labeled by 5.11 as a "tactical go bag" which fits the 5.11 brand is that it is mainly directed at first responders. This originally was a bit of a turn off because I was looking for a low visibility CCW bag that I could use for daily use they did not give off the military or tactical vibe. In this case I had to make some compromises because the Rush MOAB bag has plenty of molle attachments and Velcro to attach unit patches and morale patches. But mitigating the look and feel somewhat is that it is a medium-sized sling bag and I purchased the backpack in gray. So it doesn't seem to scream "TACTICOOL".

The main reason I got it is because of the ambidextrous ability of the sling pack. In other words you can switch which shoulder you would like to have the pack over. And that's the key because to affect a fast draw from concealment you will want to pull the bag across the front of your body but it needs to be oriented differently if you're right handed or left handed.

This functional aspect of the bag is where it really shines. All other concerns about the look and feel fell by the wayside when you pull the bottom strap to swing the bag around to the front of your body. The bag lines up horizontally and the CCW pocket is exactly where it needs to be for your hand to push open the Velcro and gain access to your defensive handgun.

This means you have ready access to your defensive handgun while standing or even while sitting in your vehicle. All you have to do is simply pull the sling bag from your back across the front of your torso.

5.11 Rush MOAB 10 Backpack Features

  • Adjustable shoulder strap that can be changed to either side for right- or left-handed shooters

  • Water resistant, sturdy, lightweight 1050D nylon

  • Covert TacTec pocket at rear

  • Secondary double zip pocket

  • Hydration pocket with pass-through port

  • Interior admin pocket large enough for tablets and small laptops

  • MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® webbing on the exterior

  • Fleece-lined pocket for your expensive sunglasses

  • Compression straps

  • Coms pocket with cord pass-through slots

  • Hook and loop flag patch

  • Durable YKK® self-healing zippers

The 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 backpack is made entirely of 600 denier nylon with 3/4″ rip-stop nylon lining on the inside that provides lightweight protection from abrasion and seems to hold up well to daily use.

The webbing loops on each side provide quick attachment/detachment options for attaching/detaching other gear such as pouches, a low viz med kit, or for looping a carabiner through for your water bottle.

5.11 Rush MOAB 10 Dimensions

  • Main Compartment - 18.25" H x 9" L x 7.25" D

  • Front pocket - 12.5” H x 8” L x 2” D

  • Total Capacity - 1,093cubic inch / 18-liter

  • Weight - 2.6 lbs

CCW Considerations for the 5.11 Rush MOAB 10

Some readers might be unfamiliar with the term "off-body carry". It's a catchall phrase that describes any method used to carry your concealed handgun that is not in a proper holster worn on your belt or attached somewhere on your body. This can describe any kind of bag, satchel, or case you have carrying your concealed defensive handgun. Purists contend the traditional gun belt and holster is the gold standard for carry. They see off-body carry as fraught with all sorts of tactical landmines.

Depending on your mission and your profile, your CCW needs might be best served with off-body carry.

This bag can serve as a very good medium-size platform that could solve some of your carry problems. However, your responsibility as a CCW holder is that you must never, ever let your bag out of your control.

The bag is very comfortable, but the real focus here is on the CCW compartment, which happens to be the best part of the bag.

The way it's designed, the CCW pocket is sealed by a strip of Velcro and is camouflaged behind an outer pouch which has a zipper around it. The fact is that the outer pouch completely covers any kind of printing or outline of the handgun. Yet, I found it very easy to access once you pull the sling bag around so it sits horizontally across your body. With your supporting hand you grab the top of the zippered pouch and pull it away from the bag while inserting your dominant hand into the pocket.

My Glock 19 fits perfectly. It's large enough so it sits inside the pocket without moving, yet small enough to make it easy to draw through the CCW pocket opening. My Glock 17 is just a tad too tall for the CCW pocket. It fits in the pocket fine, but when practicing drawing and shooting from the bag, I found that my rear sight was hanging up on part of the CCW pocket.

One note about the CCW pocket. I originally purchased a soft holster with hook and loop so it would attach to the hook and loop inside of the CCW pocket. This worked completely fine and I never had a problem with it. Then experimenting with taking the soft holster out of the CCW pocket, we found that the Glock 19 fit as well without the holster as it did with the holster. In other words, I saw no benefit from having the soft holster inserted into the CCW pocket. Your mileage may vary depending on what handgun platform you are carrying.

The bottom line for me was that the main benefit I bought the bag for worked completely as advertised and I was totally happy with it.

5.11 Rush MOAB 10: Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Our initial impressions of the 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 pack as a CCW carry are positive. The look and the construction of the concealed carry pouch is great. The size of the pack is where the Goldilocks element comes into play -- the bag is not large enough for many uses where you might have books, folders, clothing or food you need to carry for work, school, or for the gym.

But the bag is too large to be a convenient off-body satchel convenient for carrying while driving, at the movies, etc.

But it's a give-and-take problem. It is perfect to hold my Macbook, a few files, my Glock 19, and my phone with accessories. The real testimony is when I finished reviewing the bag and gifted it to another agent, I find myself missing the benefits of the 5.11 Rush MOAB 10.

5.11 Rush MOAB 10 Bag Conclusion

I was first introduced to the 5.11 product line when I was in the Mountain Rescue unit for my agency. I've always been impressed at how practical and durable the products have been. You certainly can spend more for gear, but I keep coming back to 5.11 as great kit at a moderate price point.

I carried a 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 for almost three years. I found that my MOAB 10 bag so comfortable that I didn't think about it very often. The MOAB 10 is also very durable and has held up really well over the years.

In short, everything about it is great. It works well, feels great, has an adequate amount of storage for your essentials, and has that low profile pocket allowing you to easily conceal your handgun from view, regardless of the environment.

The bag has not changed in price since I bought it and is still reasonably priced (compared to competitors) at about $99.

You can see more of the bag:

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