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Why Should I Get My CCW?

Why getting your concealed carry permit has value as a responsible gun owner.

Why should I get my concealed carry license or permit? Especially since I live in a constitutional carry state?

That's a valid question considering almost half the states in the U.S. are considered constitutional carry states which don't require a permit to carry:

  1. Alaska

  2. Arizona

  3. Arkansas

  4. Delaware

  5. Kansas

  6. Kentucky

  7. Louisiana

  8. Maine

  9. Mississippi

  10. Missouri

  11. Montana

  12. Nevada

  13. New Hampshire

  14. New Mexico

  15. North Carolina

  16. Oklahoma

  17. South Dakota

  18. Tennessee

  19. Texas

  20. Utah

  21. Virginia

  22. West Virginia

  23. Wyoming

Let's take a look at some advantages that come from going through the process required to get your concealed carry permit.

  • If you don't live in a constitutional carry state, then you were going to need a permit to carry concealed.

  • Even if you do live in a constitutional carry state, the training and vetting might afford some additional protections under the law should you need to rely on your firearm for defense.

  • CCW holders are statistically more conscientious about their firearms than even cops. Take a look at the infographic on this page and you'll see CCW holders are six times less likely to have firearm violations than even police officers.

  • Carrying concealed offers some tactical and social advantages vs. open carry.

  • Knowledge you gain from the program in your state provides you with valuable information of the variations in the laws and policies that are particular to your state. For example, do you know if your state has magazine capacity restrictions? Despite all the news on "stand your ground" laws, do you know if your state is one of the 13 in the U.S. that still require a duty to retreat before using lethal force? Your CCW course will provide you with a valuable overview of the peculiarities of your state.

  • Having your state permit also opens up the opportunity to carry concealed in a number of different states which have reciprocity with your state.

  • Finally, training with -- and carrying --- your defensive firearm provides additional measures of safety and options for defense for you and your family.

The level of violence is rising as our world continues to fracture along social, cultural, and political lines. Being prepared and well training could be a life saver now and during the next decade.

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