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Violent Crime Rates Surging

crime scene chalk outline and tape.
Street crime is even more of a threat to us now. Plan accordingly.

  • Los Angeles recorded 300 homicides for the year -- the highest in a decade.

  • Chicago has more murders this year -- more than 700 -- than during its most violent year in seen in 2016.

  • Minneapolis has a more than 50 percent rise in crime compared to last year.

  • Louisville has reached historic numbers of murders -- the highest in the city’s history.

  • Atlanta is set to exceed its murder rate from last year.

  • Baltimore has had 300 or more murders for six years in a row.

The big cities seem to be posting the highest increases. But, don't think it's just there.

Take a look at the video below of a straight-up firefight between criminals at a party last June 22 in Charlotte.

The suspects featured in the video were shooting towards a crowd of 400 people. Three people were killed in this melee and six others were wounded.

Self-Defense Bottom Line

So what does that mean for us?

Potentially, we all can become targets of criminals or simply innocently caught in the crossfire between emboldened criminals.

And what can we do?

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