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Simple Workout When Traveling

You're traveling. This means your entire routine is wrecked -- sleeping, eating, exercising.

But don't let that keep you from staying in #fightingshape. Here's a simple workout you can do anywhere, anytime. And it does not require any equipment or space.

  1. Bodyweight squats -- to failure.

  2. Pushups -- to failure.

  3. Plank -- one minute.

Repeat. Do a total of five rounds.

I've done this workout two different ways:

  1. Each rep done slow and controlled for a 'time under tension' effect.

  2. Reps done at a rapid rate with little or no rest between rounds.

These two approaches can give you a dramatically different experience. The first one creates the focus on the slow and controlled movements which can give you a bit of a stretch at the bottom of the movement. The second one really increases your heart rate and gets you huffing and puffing. The method you use can depend on your motivation or what you feel you need most at the time.

A hat tip to this approach goes to Tom Fazio, author of In Pursuit of Weightlessness: A Rogue Trainer's Secrets to Transforming the Body, Unburdening the Mind, and Living a Passion-Filled Life.

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