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Self-Defense In Your Car Under Fire

Officer bodycam image of trapped in car while under fire from criminal.
See how self-defense looks when under fire while trapped in your car.

Someone slams into your car, setting off the airbags and trapping you inside. Then they start shooting at you with a handgun. How do you defend yourself? This video shows what it's like.

In normal times this would be a bizarre case. Someone sideswipes a police car then turns around to run into the patrol car. The resulting collision sets off the airbags and is violent enough to trap the officer inside. Then the attacker advances on foot towards the officer's car while shooting a 9 mm handgun. These are not normal times.

Because the officer was attacked a couple of times before the final confrontation, there is no mistake that these actions are anything but a deadly attack. He communicates well and then defends himself effectively with his patrol rifle.

Some thoughts on this for our self-defense training:

  • You are your own first responder. You must take responsibility for your self-defense. The police will not be there to protect you. Right now the police are under attack themselves.

  • Recognize you are under attack. Watch videos like this to help improve your mental rehearsal skills to see what actual attacks are like. Your fight will not be exactly like any of them, but there will be big chunks of principles and concepts that will be.

  • You must be prepared to defend yourself with lethal force when under lethal force.

  • Long guns trump handguns. Handguns trump empty hands.

  • Get familiar with shooting in, around, and from your vehicle. Your technique will have to be adjusted to the limitations of being seated with limited vision and movement. Don't just think about it, get in your vehicle and rehearse.

  • Self-defense first. Then worry about property later.

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Share this story with your training partners and others to help build your self-defense awareness and skills.


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