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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Day 3

Photo of Kyle Rittenhouse being attacked with a flying kick by an unidentified rioter during a protest in Kenosha.
Photo of Kyle Rittenhouse during the incident which precipitated his trial to face murder charges.

If you haven't been paying attention to this case, you should.

It is a microcosm of the cultural, political, and social fracturing occurring in the U.S. now which has potential ramifications for you as a CCW holder, a responsible citizen, or someone who still believes we have an absolute right to self-defense.

Keep the above sentence in mind as this trial unfolds with glaring examples of the avoidance of the application of law in some cases and, alternatively, the overzealous application in other cases.

What is interesting is attorney Andrew Branca's commentary and analysis of the third day of the trial. In the video link in the preceding sentence, we get both a glimpse into the machinations of the legal proceedings inside a murder trial as well as illustrative testimony on the actual incident itself. The instructive YouTube video is restricted from playing on other sites (like here) so click on the link to view it on Branca's Law of Self Defense channel.

Photo of Anthony Huber standing over and hitting Kyle Rittenhouse with a skateboard during a riot in Kenosha.
Anthony Huber (top) hitting Kyle Rittenhouse (bottom) with a skateboard.

The trial is the result of Rittenhouse being charged with intentional homicide, use of a deadly weapon, and reckless endangering after he shot three men, killing two, during a riot in Kenosha, Wis., August 25, 2020.

What is instructive to us for our self-defense and personal protection efforts is the legal process, the media coverage, and the social reaction to the fight.

While we might overgeneralize and say "there are no rules in a gunfight", the reality is that there ARE rules. They are called laws. Thousands of them. And they vary by state.

The interpretation and application of these laws seem to also vary by the political atmosphere of the city you are in.

Get educated on the "rules" in your state and municipality.

Remember, there are three fights you will have:

  1. The mental fight of accepting reality, preparing your mindset, your knowledge, and your emotional integrity for confronting criminals.

  2. The physical fight during the encounter which will push your skills, your mental abilities, and your judgment to the limit.

  3. The legal fight, the media coverage, the social pressure on you and your family afterwards.

Get prepared.

Train like your life depends on it.

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