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'It was a lot': More than 40 shots reportedly fired during Capitol Hill 'gun battle'

Broken windows damaged by gun fire in Seattle.
Could it be called the Battle in Seattle? Luckily no citizens seem to have been harmed.

That's the headline of a story which ran on Feb. 6 about some sort of shootout in Seattle. Good news is that it appears no citizens were hit. The bad news is this is another marker of the civil decay we've seen in a number of large American cities. Criminals are emboldened and are less restrained from brazen crimes now.

From the story:

Witnesses began calling 911 at 2:30 a.m. Sunday and reported more than 40 shots being fired, according to police. The witnesses reportedly told police multiple people were involved in the shooting in an alley near the intersection of Pine Street and Melrose Avenue.

Arriving officers saw multiple people fleeing the area on foot and in vehicles, according to SPD. Police said more than 40 spent shell casings of various calibers were found.

Perhaps more than anytime in the last 30 years, our training and actions are focused on defending ourselves from a more brazen, deadly, and well-armed criminal.

Train and equip yourselves accordingly.

And, by the way, remember to remind those who would restrict your standard magazines to whatever capacity that this is the threat we are now facing.

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