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How Has Ohio's Concealed Carry Law Affected Gun Crime?

A man who is armed with a handgun reaches for a car door handle
Responsible armed citizens have a proven effect on decreasing violent crime by armed criminals.

Ohio has seen a 'significant decrease' in crime since state lawmakers allowed law-abiding individuals to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

Ohio became the 23rd state to institute Constitutional Carry (carrying concealed without a permit)

in 2022. Now citizens are not required to "get fingerprinted, pay a fee," or "ask for permission from the local sheriff."

Ohio's attorney general released statistics that show gun crime has actually decreased since the constitutional carry law was enacted.

The areas of the study were:

  • Crimes involving a firearm

  • Gunshot incidents

  • Impact of the new rules on law enforcement

The study found in there had been a "significant decrease in crime incidents involving a firearm for Akron, Columbus, and Toledo, and across all 8 cities combined from June 2021- June 2023."

The other cities studied were Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Parma, and Canton.

The largest decreases in crimes involving firearms came in these cities:

  • Parma -- down 22%

  • Toledo -- down 18%

  • Akron -- down18%

  • Columbus -- down12%

Two cities showed in increase:

  • Cincinnati -- up 6%

  • Dayton -- up 5%.

Surprise? Or the result of common sense when it comes to dealing with violent criminals?


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