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Highly-Trained Protection Dogs in Demand Due to Rising Crime

Affluent Clients Spending Six Figures on K-9 Protection Dogs

Highly trained protection dog protecting owner from criminals
Fear of crime is increasing demand for highly-trained protection dogs.

In Southern California, crime has gotten to the point where people are willing to spend $150,000 on a dog which can protect them and their family.

According to a professional trainer of protection canines in Scottsdale, people are becoming more aware and more interested in having a protection dog.

Profiled in an article here, Chris Kamma from K9 Defense provides the benefits – and the realities – of procuring, training, and living with a highly-trained protection dog.

“We do provide a lot of protection dogs for civilians. Most of the time, it’s women and families. We only sell the highest level of dog to families for personal protection.”

“There’s a strong psychological effect these dogs have on people. That’s part of what makes them such a great deterrent. We work with many law enforcement dogs,” Mr. Rafferty said.

Highlights of the Article on Highly-Trained Protection Dogs for Personal Safety

  • Most dogs are not capable of being able to perform at a higher level of protection. Less than 1 percent are able to “make the cut”.

  • German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are the most popular breeds for trainers in this line of work.

  • The preferred dog has the genetics and the temperament to be able to work like a police dog, yet be completely social with the family.

  • Each dog sold at K9 Defense takes about of 2 1/2 years of development and training.

  • The training commitment to these dogs means that professional trainers can usually only develop one or two dogs at a time.

  • Most of these professional trainers obtain their dogs from a select number of specialized breeders.

  • The average cost of a protection dog runs from $40,000 to $60,000.

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