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Does My Gun Make Me Safer?

It seems like we are bombarded with various gun control statistics every day which seem to conflict with common sense and practical experience. Didn't Joe Biden just say that almost half of the U.S. has been killed by gun violence since 2007? If that's the case, why is there still so much traffic at rush hour? And doesn't Bloomberg's Everytown project claim school shootings happen every month? No wonder bulletproof inserts for kids' backpacks are all the rage.

To reduce the cognitive dissonance slamming our brains from the media, we took a look at some respected sources concerning crime, criminals, and armed citizens (see the links to the sources at the bottom of the infographic for more). Here's an infographic which gives you the high points of the findings.

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And, yes, as your life experience and common sense has told you all along, having the will and the skill to defend yourself and your loved ones does, in fact, make you safer.

Infographic on U.S. gun use statistics

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