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Chicago More Dangerous Than The Ukraine?

Chicago detectives and Ukrainian soldier
Take a look at the murder rate in Chicago compared to the rate of civilian deaths in the war in Ukraine.

Are we as civilians more at risk of being killed in Chicago than as a civilian in the Ukraine? In other words, is a major American city more deadly to us than today's hottest active war zone?

Numbers from JD Rucker would indicate that the short answer is yes. Here's his numbers with sources:

To put the figures in a different light, the ongoing Russian invasion has so far claimed the lives of 11.88 out of every 100,000 Ukrainian civilians. Chicago residents have been murdered at a rate of 14.49 per100,000 so far in 2022.

The is supposed to be a straight comparison of civilian to civilian deaths, not including the deaths of combatants.

Politics aside, the point here is that we need to accept the realities of the level of danger we are exposed to now in our country.

We've covered the skyrocketing crime rates around the country in posts like these:

What We Can Do Now to Protect Ourselves and Our Family

1. Recognize the severe social and cultural circumstances in which we find ourselves. Before things get better, they're going to get worse.

2. Take a moment to pause and become more conscious of your surroundings, including the locations in which you live, work, and travel. Inhale deeply, then raise your head and look around.

Take your earbuds out. Are predators looking at you? Following you?

3. Complete a First Aid course. Look into getting Red Cross First Aid and CPR training, at the very least. There are some providers like Independence Training who give FREE training.

4. Become more fit. Criminals are visually deterred by strong people. Under pressure, stronger people do better. Stronger people can physically compete better in battle.

5. Enroll in hand-to-hand self-defense training. Continually practice. Learn how to fight. Seriously.

This will assist you with #4 above as well.

6. Enroll in armed self-defense training. Get your concealed carry license or permit as required by your state at the very least. Be prepared to face numerous assailants. At the same time. While they all have weapons. There are shooting schools and firearm ranges which have introductory classes -- some of which are free or deeply discounted. Ask around your area.

7. Assume responsibility for you and your family's safety.

We cannot assume that our local police can help us in time.

We have to accept the reality of our situation. There is no sugar-coating it any longer.

It is up to us to begin taking the steps to control what we can to stay safe from criminals.

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