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Robbery and Murder in Atlanta: Have We Come to This Now?

Our latest video on YouTube shows an armed robbery and a point blank murder in Atlanta. What is really distressing about this particular video and case is how casually the attacker murdered the victim before robbing him. And then, three passersby rob the corpse.

Have we come to this now?

We've posted the surveillance camera footage which was released by Atlanta Police.

An armed attacker shot a man at point blank on Monday evening, March 18. The attacker, and three other apparently unrelated passersby, robbed the body.

The video noted above is not a salacious graphic video. The video does not show the actual shooting nor the victim. But it is incredibly, incredibly disturbing.

We're going to see how this robbery develops and witness a visual example of how our society and culture is fracturing. This video is not so much a discussion on techniques and tactics as much as it is a warning of the seriousness of the threat we are facing as a society.

We can ask the rhetorical question, how can we expect to defend ourselves from this kind of attack? This will be our homework assignment as we review the video and think about our own situational awareness, preparedness, and training for self-defense.

Here's the set up of the situation depicted on the video — 51-year-old Anthony Frazier pulls his black GMC SUV up next to a restaurant. The time is approximately 7 PM on a Monday night.

As Frazier exits the vehicle we see a person approaching from behind along the sidewalk. You'll see at this point that Frazier actually looks back at the approaching person. We can't say that he wasn't aware of the person. But we can ask…was he looking? Or was he seeing? The semantics are important. We want to actually be seeing what's happening and not just looking around absentmindedly.

The attacker approaches. The released video then stops and jumps forward to when the attacker is taking an item or items from Frazier’s prone body. What we don’t see on the video is what’s depicted in the very first still frame contained on the TSG version — the attacker drawing a handgun from his pocket and shooting Frazier from behind at point blank range.

The attacker is not in a hurry to leave. He is seen dropping and picking up what looks like a phone as he walks towards what looks like an alley.

Now we see an older man who witnessed the murder walk by, looking at the victim and shaking his head as he passes. What happens next is chilling. Less than a minute later, three passersby walk up to the body and proceed to rob the corpse.

Our society has declined to this.

Train now. And train like your life depends on it.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the gunman. Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Stoppers Atlanta tip line at 404-577-TIPS (8477).


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