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Budget Triple Pistol Mag Pouch for Tactical, Range or Competition: Gear Review

Updated: May 9, 2023

Photo of triple magazine pouch for tactical, range or cometition shooting.
Is this a good budget triple mag pouch for tactical, range or competition?

We tried out the Armorwerx IPSC Pistol Triple Magazine Pouch and were impressed.

We bought the set up which features three sturdy mil-spec PA66 nylon fiber pouches which can accept a wide variety of double stack magazines in 9mm, .40, and .45. The company says it will fit magazines from most manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and H&K. However, the company says these holders will not work for Staccato P magazines.

We tested our set up with stock Glock 17 magazines and they fit perfectly.

You can adjust the tension on your magazines with the two external screws on each pouch. We had no trouble adjusting each pouch to provide reliable retention of a magazine, yet still have a smooth and easy extraction for reloads.

The three single magazine holders are connected into one unit and they attach to your belt with dual Tek-Lok fasteners. These Tek-Lok fasteners will fit belts up to 2 1/2 inches wide. You simply move the adjustable bar on the fasteners to the width of your belt.

The entire set up is 7 inches long. As you can see on the video, the individual pouches are about as close as you can practically get them so the entire set up is fairly compact considering it's three pouches instead of the normal two.

Some shooters may find that the triple magazine pouch takes up too much room on their belt. Or they may find that they rarely have to carry three magazines. If you spend a lot of time on the range or in competition you can see the advantage to having three magazines on your belt.

The magazine pouch is made by Armorwerx which also manufactures tactical equipment like helmet communications systems, mounts for the Trijicon RMR which is compatible with the Trijicon ACOG, and open ear hybrid electronic hearing protection ear muffs.

Pros for the Armorwerx IPSC Pistol Triple Magazine Pouch for Tactical, Range or Competition

  • Well made

  • Worked perfectly with Glock 17 magazines

  • Easy and secure attachment with Tek-Loc

  • The pouches as one unit means they stay in one position for reliable draws

  • Reasonably compact package for three magazine pouches.

  • Budget friendly

Cons for the Armorwerx IPSC Pistol Triple Magazine Pouch for Tactical, Range or Competition

  • The construction as one unit does not allow you to change the spacing or the angle of any pouches.

  • The generic nature of the pouch might prove to be less than a perfect fit depending on your make and model of your handgun.

Go here to see the Armorwerx IPSC Pistol Triple Magazine Pouch on Amazon. (Note: we do not receive any sort of affiliate fee or compensation on this recommendation).

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