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The Top 10 Selling Guns in 2022

These are the top selling models sold on during last year. The statistics include both new and used gun sales. This particular list shows the top selling firearms regardless of their category.

Let’s jump right in with the number one top selling firearm on GunBroker for all of last year.

Number one is the Sig Sauer P320.

This popular handgun competes with the Glock 19 for size and function. However, this Sig has a few tricks up its sleeve calling itself the first modular pistol with changeable grip modules that can be adjusted by frame size and caliber. It’s no mystery why this pistol has jumped to the top of the list since it was announced that the US Army had awarded Sig Saueer the contract worth $580 million for its next service pistol based on the P320.

Number two is the venerable Remington 700 rifle.

As one of the oldest continuously operating manufacturers in the US, Remington has the reputation for putting out high-quality and accurate bolt action rifles. This platform meets the needs of a wide variety of shooters with 15 models and 93 different caliber offerings.

Number three is the Sig Sauer P365

Sig locks up two out of the ten most sold firearms on for last year. This model is considered a micro compact and comes in 9mm. The total magazine capacity is 10 and its super compact size and reasonable price at around the $500 level makes it popular with concealed carry users. There are other variants of the P365 series which offers a 3.7 inch barrel vs. the 3.1 inch barrel of the micro compact.

Number four is the Smith and Wesson M&P9

This pistol also competes with the Glock 19. The M&P9 has some advantages such as an improved trigger on the 2.0 versions. Enthusiasts for this pistol claim more trigger options to improve the pull than are available for Glocks.

Number five is the tried-and-true Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 rifle is probably America’s favorite 22 LR rifle. The popularity of this little rifle has driven prices up to more than $300 in recent months. But it is renowned for its reliable rotary magazine, ruggedness and the size of the market for accessories and upgrades. It is great for getting younger and newer shooters started. If your kids are really small however this gun is heavy. Durability has always been a Ruger hallmark.

Number six is the Mossberg 590

This is the first 12 gauge shotgun on the list. It is known for its durability and it’s a favorite for shooters who like the safety lever on top of the receiver. It comes in a number of different tactical and security configurations where the barrel length can range from 18½ inches to 20 inches.

Number seven is the Remington 870

Right behind the Mosssburg is another legendary pump shotgun. The Remington 870 series ranges from the 870 Express Home Defense model to the popular Wingmaster series for hunters who can choose from 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 gauge.

Number eight is the Glock 19

The ubiquitous Glock 19 might be the most concealed carried pistol in America. It is one of the most popular and trusted platforms because of its renowned durability and reliability. This reliability and simplicity of use contributes to its status as one of the most widely used side arms in law enforcement worldwide. Many people consider it a midsized handgun, but Glock calls it a compact handgun. The model 19 is configured for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge, but Glock makes the same size platform in several calibers.

Number nine is the Ruger American

Another bolt action makes the list. Ruger’s reputation for making durable and accurate firearms for a lower price point makes it one of the best-selling manufacturers in the U.S. This model offers minute – of – angle accuracy with a free-floating barrel, lightweight synthetic stock, and adjustable trigger.

Number 10 is the Springfield Armory XD

This full line of handguns range from subcompact to full size in a number of calibers like 9mm, .40SW, 10mm, and .45 ACP. You can get a subcompact single-stack for your everyday carry all the way up to an “Elite” model which features an enhanced trigger, a flared magwell, and ambidextrous slide stop.

This ends up being a very interesting list which shows the breath of the American firearms market. While most of the rest of the top 20 selling firearms are – not surprisingly – subcompact platforms benefitting conceal carry, there are some traditional favorites like the Colt Python .357 revolver, the Ruger Mark IV .22 pistol, and the Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy lever action rifle.

It's also not surprising that the Gunbroker list for top-selling semi-automatic rifles are largely AR-pattern rifles or the Mini-14 and the Springfield M1A.

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