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4.4 Mile Rifle Shot! New Record

Target with a orange painted target with a bullet hole from a shot made from 4.4 miles away.
The target hit from the record distance of 4.4 miles by a rifle in Wyoming.

A Wyoming team of shooters managed to hit a target 4.4 miles out in the state's parched plains, shattering the previous record for the longest rifle shot.

According to local media outlet KSLTV, the shot took two experienced shooters and their team years of planning to execute. It broke the previous record of 4 miles and the Wyoming state record of 3.06 miles.

Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries, two Wyoming firearms instructors, started putting their team together in 2020 after they smashed the previous state record for Wyoming.

The footage in the video below shows that it took the bullet about 24 seconds after the trigger pull for it to hit its target.

The crew used cutting-edge techniques to track bullets because of the great distance, and at first they thought the bullet had ricocheted rather than struck the target.

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