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Who is Watching You?

Reno Mayor Finds Tracker on Car

photo of Hillary Schieve, mayor of Reno.
Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve shocked to find a GPS tracker on her car monitoring her movements.

It's a feeling that anyone of us would have -- shock, concern, fear, outrage.

That's how Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve felt when her mechanic found a "sophisticated" GPS tracking device attached to her car prompting her lawsuit against a private investigator and requesting restitution for invasion of privacy, trespass and civil conspiracy.

You can read all of the details at the link above, but what prompts this post is the reminder of how fragile our personal security can be knowing we might be tracked and surveilled by various electronic devices.

photo of case holding a tracking device

The photos supplied to the media by the Mayor looks to be a watertight case with two round magnets designed to hold a tracking device and to attach to anything metal.

photo of tracking device

Another photo of the device inside of the case shows that it does not appear to be related to the growing number of Apple AirTags being used to track and stalk victims.

“This kind of invasion of privacy and stalking is incredibly alarming because I don't know what the intent is for this information. I mean, does someone want to kill me? I don't know.

“Especially for women, it is alarming. I would never want this to happen to someone else. I’m a single woman and we have to worry about our safety, but this takes it all to a whole new level. It keeps you up at night and you're always looking over your shoulder and it just causes severe stress.”

The photos of this device are deliberately placed so we can become more aware of what these types of technology can look.

For Executive Protection teams, these kinds of trackers are on your radar when preparing, cleaning, and sweeping the principle car as well as any other vehicles in the such as advance and follow in the motorcade.

For individuals, be aware that adversaries such as business competitors, attorneys, and even family members can be using these trackers for intelligence gathering and evidence collection.

For women -- especially -- we are seeing the increased use of the cheap AirTags as ways to surveil your movements.

Be informed and aware. Technology can be our ally or it can be our adversary.

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