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What are Pre-Indicators of Violence for Riots?

DC night of rage poster calling for riots
Posters calling for riots are going up now.

Although the above flyer is posted in D.C., we can bet there will be organized demonstrations across the nation.

The trends and the extrapolation of past behavior portends more crime and violence coming up. So it's probably a safe bet that we will see violent riots erupt in a number of the usual locations.

We've covered somethings you should do to protect yourself and family from the upcoming riots in this post: And the Survey Says...More Crime & Riots

If we can learn to recognize and be able to articulate what we are seeing, we can be more forewarned of the kind of behavior which can lead to violence.

Examine your surroundings for people who appear to be out of place or acting strangely.

Keep an eye out for the following warning signs of impending violence:

  • Groups of fighting-age males who are looking outward at passing cars and pedestrians rather than inward and interacting socially. In other words, they are scanning for targets rather than being engaged with their friends.

  • Men shedding clothing or already shirtless.

  • Yelling at others while posturing with arms splayed out, chins up, chests out, and moving with exaggerated gaits.

  • Monosyllabic speech. "F-you man." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah!" "Get 'em!" "F-em up!"

  • Small legal infractions such as crossing the street to obstruct traffic or throwing signs or garbage cans in the street. These are merely warm-up acts for larger actions.

  • Then there's the breaking of storefront windows.

  • Setting dumpster bins on fire.

  • Then they start throwing rocks or bricks at passing cars, which quickly escalates into attacking drivers in passing vehicles (just ask Reginald Denny).

  • Then there comes the looting.

  • And then the arson.

Under the cover of night, under the guise of justice/activism, and in an environment of lawlessness, it is common for grudges to be purged against past injustices, real or imagined.

There will be violence against anyone not in their group. There will be violence against law enforcement. There will be murders. There will be burglaries and home invasions while the police are distracted.

Get ready to defend yourself and your family.

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