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Violence On Cops More Dangerous

Paris police officers firebombed with Molotov cocktail.
Police in Paris firebombed by demonstrators shows the increasing level of violence being used.

Expect upcoming attacks on police officers to become more numerous and more dangerous.

Cops are being attacked with gunfire, Molotov cocktails, and now, chemical acid attacks.

In Paris, samples from police equipment appear to indicate the high likelihood that cops were attacked with chemical agents that turn into hydrochloric acid when exposed to the air.

The principle is simple: the bulb breaks, the liquid spills and turns into titanium dioxide on contact with air, causing jets of hydrochloric acid."There is therefore a smoke effect, a strong irritant and incapacitating effect on the respiratory tract and a burning sensation on contact with the skin", describe the experts.

The recommended counter to the tactic above is for police to wear protective suits and suitably rated respirators. Both are expensive and exhausting to wear for long periods of time. That means most of the municipalities in the country cannot afford this type of protection for their department. And it also means that personnel cannot be on the line for extended periods of time.

A number of organized groups and forces are learning from protests in Hong Kong and Europe. Successful tactics are being imported to the U.S. It is not a jump to believe we will not see this sort of attack here as well.

Combine these types of tactics and techniques with a large swing of political support for demonstrators and an equal or more demonstrative lack of support for law enforcement agencies, the recipe for continued and growing violence is assured.

The results we are already seeing:

  • Growing calls for defunding police departments;

  • Individual police officers resigning or calling in sick;

  • An increase in crime.

What are we going to do when we call 9-1-1 and there is no answer?

Control What You Can Now and Always Be Improving Your Self-Defense If you haven't already been training and preparing, start now. If not now, what level of violence are you waiting for?

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