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Update: Firearms instructor took out gunman at Texas church service

As is often the case, the first information out on a chaotic, rapidly changing incident can be spotty and inaccurate as seen in our earlier update yesterday which reported the heroic responder was a former FBI agent.

Not the case -- the latest info is calling the responder Jack Wilson a firearms instructor and a former reserve sheriff's deputy. His thought process and actions are consistent with someone who has significant training:

Alarms went off in Jack Wilson’s head the moment a man wearing a hat, long coat and wig walked into a Texas church for Sunday services.

By the time the man approached a communion server and pulled out a shotgun, Wilson and another security volunteer were already reaching for their own guns.

The attacker shot the other volunteer, Richard White, and then the server, Anton “Tony” Wallace, sending congregants scrambling for cover. The gunman was heading toward the front of the sanctuary as Wilson searched for a clear line of fire.

“I didn’t have a clear window because I had members that were jumping, going chaotic,” said Wilson, a 71-year-old firearms instructor who has also been a reserve sheriff’s deputy. “They were standing up. I had to wait about half a second, a second, to get my shot. I fired one round. The subject went down.”

Wilson's decisive shot was a headshot which successfully ended the criminal's actions. The criminal is reported to have a lengthy criminal record.

Screen capture from video of Texas church shooting in White Settlement
Shown at the top center is the criminal with a short barreled shotgun before fatally shooting a church member.

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