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Thinking About a Red Dot Sight?

Photo of Vortex Viper handgun red dot sight 6 MOA.
If you are thinking about adding a red dot sight to your handgun, check out the info below.

If you want to get more information on the growing wave of slide-mounted red dot sights for pistols, take a listen to Concealed Carry Podcast Episode 320: The Jedi Master of Shooting – Scott Jedlinski.

According to the show hosts, Scott has a notable reputation for using and instructing on the use of red dots. During the show he:

  • Makes specific recommendations on which manufacturers and models he likes and those he does not;

  • Talks about approaching the learning curve of adding a red dot to your pistol as one would approach learning and training martial arts;

  • Tackles the most common criticisms of red dots – the two he can’t argue with are the expense of the sights and the reliance on batteries (hint here, have back up sights). He presents cogent arguments against the other common misconceptions by asserting that these problems are more software vs. hardware. In other words, you need retraining in how to think about your sight picture.

You can get more info about this with Scott at or on his YouTube channel at


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