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Sacramento Shooting: Gun Control Won't Stop Crime Wave

As we experience the further fracturing of social, cultural, and political norms, we are more likely to see the same type of criminal behavior which we saw in the Mar. 3 shooting which killed six in Sacramento, Calif.

Criminals opened fire following a large fight. It’s apparent that multiple shooters were involved. We don’t know if the victims were participants in the fight or completely innocent bystanders.

We have to remember is that we are in a number of cycles that are historic in nature. We have a long-term cycle in which the United States empire is receding. We have resulting economic and political trends internally which are fostering an explosion of crime in major cities.

Internationally, these major forces cause disruptions which look a lot like “war”. Domestically, disruptions to our normal social order look a lot like “crime”.

Gun control will not dampen the building crime wave. The Sacramento shooting is a case in point because California is the most stringent gun-controlled state -- it even ranks No. 1 in "Gun Law Strength" from the Everytown gun control lobby.

California gun controls include:

  • universal background checks

  • a gun registry

  • a ban on “assault weapons”

  • a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases

  • a monthly limit on the number of guns which can be purchased

  • restrictive requirements for concealed carry permits

  • a red flag law

  • a ban on campus carry for self-defense

  • a ban on teachers being armed to defend their classroom

  • The Associated Press points out that, in California, people who buy ammo will also have to undergo a background check.

We are seeing over and over again that criminals aren't bound by these laws in their deadly behavior. Hence, the moniker “criminals”. In fact, we are seeing a disturbing trend towards the non-prosecution of crimes.

If we are concerned about our personal safety and the safety of our loved ones in our community, we must focus on what we can control.

We can't control when criminals strike or where they strike.

We can control our knowledge, our equipment, our training, our fitness.

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