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May is National Stop the Bleed Month

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Administrated by the American College of Surgeons, The STOP THE BLEED program was initially started by the National Security Council Staff, the White House, and the Department of Defense to transfer knowledge and advances in hemorrhaging control (bleeding) made by military medicine during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to civilians. The goal being to prepare members of the public to save lives during life threatening emergencies by controlling bleeding until first responders arrive.

The STOP THE BLEED classes are offered to the public and cover how to identify life threatening bleeding, how to apply a tourniquet, and how to pack a wound on an extremity. These classes are based on the premise that most hemorrhaging fatalities can be saved if their bleeding is controlled in the first 3 to 5 minutes after suffering an injury, but first responders take at least 7 minutes to arrive at a scene.

The best part? Most of these classes are either very low cost, or entirely free to attend! There is also a wealth of free literature and graphics available because the class is free:

Find a STOP THE BLEED class in your area here: STOP THE BLEED Classes

Also for the month of May, North American Rescue is offering 25% off products from their community preparedness collection. These include prepackaged kits for stopping bleeding, as well as individual equipment and training pieces. Use code MAY25 for the discount.

Find them at North American Rescue

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