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How to Draw from the Holster with Jerry Miculek

If you want to learn how to do something right learn how to do it from an experienced and proficient pro. Quickly and efficiently drawing your hand down from the holster is actually more complicated than you might think. We are going to take a look at some instruction on how to draw from the holster from renowned shooter Jerry Miculek.

In the video below, Jerry is going to walk us through how to draw our #handgun from the #holster.

You noticed Jerry's overwhelming emphasis on #safety in almost every aspect of the draw and reholstering. The reholstering process is a potential minefield for negligent discharges and accidents. Fingers on triggers, excess clothing, and even those jacket drawstring toggles have all been responsible for injuries our training partners have witnessed.

Getting your handgun into position to engage in the fight quickly, safely, and consistently is a huge element of becoming proficient in armed self-defense. It's one of the elements that takes you from being a proficient #shooter and moves you into the #gunfighter realm. Yes, an efficient draw stroke supports your ability to #shoot better, but it's not considered one of the fundamentals in shooting like stance, grip, #trigger management, sight alignment, and sight picture.

So this element of your training is transitioning you from just shooting to gunfighting. This should be a skill you work at to master -- whether you are carrying open like Jerry in this video or from your concealed carry holster.

Your skill in getting your gun into the fight is something you can control. Practice this like you have OCD. We will be revisiting this subject in the future.

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