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Grey Ghost Griff Pack Review

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Here's a quick look at the Grey Ghost Gear Griff Pack and what it has to offer.

The Outside:

The pack comes in a light grey color that almost looks like a foliage green. It looks a lot like a civilian pack with just a pinch of tactical mixed in. There's a D-ring, a few loops of webbing, and a patch of loop material. The addition of the loop material (loop material is the soft side of velcro, with hook material being the scratchy side) is used extensively throughout the pack, as will be seen later in the feature. I also like the little detail of the gryphon that's the same color as the pack just above the loop material patch.

The back of the bag is lined with mesh on top of foam. There are channels along the back look to be for ventilation, but that will need to be evaluated to see if they are big enough to actually help. The mesh and foam carries over to the straps as well. There are also loops of webbing for a hydration tube, and easily adjustable sternum strap.

The sides of the pack feature a compression strap and a pass through slot on each side of the pack. The pass through slots are able to be closed off, or opened to allow access to the rear most laptop pocket.

On the top of the pack is a great grab handle and a covered slot for a hydration tube or ear phones.

The Pockets:

Just above the loop patch on the front of the pack is a small pocket lined with soft material. There's a clip for keys or valuables. The pocket seems the perfect size for a phone or glasses, though the clip might defeat the purpose of the non-scratch material.

Next is an organization pocket. This pocket has elastic loops the perfect size for double stack Glock magazines, and a single stack magazine fit very well as well.

On the opposite side of the interior are several pockets. They are all the same width, but are of multiple depths. Half the inside has loop material sewn into it for adding any hook backed pouches you might need. There is also a second clip for securing valuables.

Next comes a large middle pocket.

The middle pocket opens almost fully and runs the length of the bag. One side has loop material on the entire back side which allows you to attach any hook backed pouches you might want or need to organize your gear.

Behind that is another full size pocket with a laptop pocket and a zippered pouch. Below the zippered pouch is more loop material. This loop material is meant for positioning a pouch or holster that can be reached through the pass through slots on the sides of the pack. You can get kydex holsters that can be used with the loop material on this bag if you glue a piece of hook material.

To order your own Grey Ghost Gear Griff Pack, you can use the Amazon link here:

TSG is an Amazon affiliate and using the link above, whether for the Grey Ghost Griff Pack or any other item you choose to purchase, helps support the channel so we can continue to purchase and review gear for you.

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