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Combat Tips from Old Vet Include Bi-lateral Shooting

Getting advice from those who've been there before in active combat is something that we should seek out.

I would like to offer here some good solid tips that either saved my life in combat or cost the life of someone around me when he neglected to follow them. Fortunately, I had read about and practiced many of these techniques before going to #combat, and I am convinced that I wouldn’t be here to write about them if I had not done so.

This piece comes looks to have been originally published in1988 and captures the author's

experiences during World War II. Before dismissing this because of it's age, the realities of surviving on a two-way shooting range come down to some basics as presented.

Perhaps the most intriguing is the advice to learn to shoot with both hands, something that we refer to "bi-lateral shooting":

Learn how to #shoot left-handed. If you are going around a corner in either direction, you can always have your weapon go before you. That split second will give you an advantage if the enemy sees you at the same time you see him. Furthermore, you can shoot with either hand while keeping your body behind an obstacle— a house, wall, or tree. (Naturally, if you’re left-handed, learn how to shoot right-handed.)

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