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Alabama 25th State to Recognize Constitutional Carry

Handgun in a Inside the Waistband holster.
The State of Alabama has become the 25th State to recognize constitutional carry for citizens.

On January 1, 2023, Alabama became the newest state to authorize concealed handgun carrying without a state permit requiring a background check.

A person no longer needs a permit to legally carry a concealed firearm in public with the passing of the state law. If a person wants to, they can still decide to apply for a permit.

Regardless of the affirmation to constitutional carry in the state, it is still a wise choice to get your concealed carry permit:

  • Getting a concealed carry permit in your state takes advantage of other states reciprocity in excepting your permit.

  • Most concealed carry instructional programs have great information on laws of self-defense and provide you with additional information regarding how to interact with law-enforcement and which situation's and locations still bar concealed carry.

A great source to see which states offer reciprocity for your permit is the USCCA concealed carry reciprocity map online.

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