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Aiming Your Handgun is Useless

World champion Rob Leatham has shaken up a lot of people with this provocative video asserting that aiming your handgun is "useless".

To keep the controversy alive, Rob appeared with David Shaw on this episode of the

Regardless of your reaction to Rob's YouTube video, you really owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast. The longer time of the format allows for a deeper dive into Rob's articulations and of his concept.

Keep in mind, you are listing to a black-belt level discussion. Essentially, Rob and David are really passionate about discovering the evolution of their technique that goes beyond the "front sight focus" dogma that is taught to all shooters and has been for decades and is not necessary for 90 percent of defensive shootings.

It seems that the 'ah-ha' moment for both of them was the realization that they were teaching students a mantra that they -- themselves -- do not follow. One of the things I enjoyed hearing from these two is their dedication to continual learning and improvement.

Really, listen to the podcast. See the type of thinking that takes you from a 'shooter' to a 'gunfighter'.

Your comments on this line of thinking? Give us your take.

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