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Review: Strongsuit Gloves

TSG has been using a new pair of gloves from Strongsuit -- specifically the Q-Series Enforcer TAC Night Camo.

StrongSuit gloves

The company has pulled in Gary Quesenberry, Top Shot All-Star finalist, to design a line of gloves for shooters.

We have to say that we've been a fan of the Mechanix tactical gloves for a long time. But we are always on the look out for a thin, supple shooting glove, which is why we tried out these gloves from Strongsuit.

First, these gloves are pretty high tech. They feel completely different from any kind of glove we've normally used. The only "organic" textile identifiable is the completely useful terry cloth wipe on the back of the thumb portion. The rest is totally manmade.

They are very thin and the palm portion is made up of some sort of material which the company calls TAC-Sense. It's a smooth material that does a good job of transmitting feel. It's not sticky or tacky, but yet gives a good grip.

glove palm

These gloves have some great features:

  • A large carabiner clip grommet built into the cuff so you can clip them together or clip them to your rig or harness.

  • Form-fitted, pre-curved fingers making for a better fit than flat gloves.

  • Breathable fabric on the back of the hand to keep them cool.

  • Terry cloth portion on the back of the thumb. The company says it's for sweat, but these are fantastic for the runny nose you get when it's cold.

  • Velcro wrist closure strap.

While showing the Night Camo model here, the gloves are also available in Black, Desert Tan, Sage, Camo, and Pink Camo.


  • Very thin, good feel.

  • Very comfortable, breathable.

  • Carabiner clip for keeping these gloves organized and available.

  • The terry cloth portion is perfectly positioned for wiping the sweat from your brow or a runny nose.

  • Good value for the cost.

  • Good wear for thin gloves. We've used them shooting, setting up and tearing down targets and frames, and weightlifting.

wearing gloves while loading magazine


  • The sensation is diminished at the very fingertips where the seams come together, just like every other glove. Not a deal breaker.

  • Here's one that is totally not the fault of the glove -- they do not keep your hands warm when it's cold. But then, they are not designed to and we know we were using them outside of their intended mission. In one case, we were freezing during a night shoot on the range and they were the only gloves available. In another case, we used them outdoors in the snow knowing they would not be warm. These gloves are supposed to give you some protection while still allowing good tactile sense.


  • We paid $24.99 retail at a gun store.

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