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Review: Remington V3 Field

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Remington V3 Field

Recently we received a new 26" barreled Remington V3 Field sport. Here's a quick look before the full testing and review.

TSG's example is a black synthetic version. There are also camo patterns available, and wood stocked version that's due to be available in late summer of 2016.

The V3 With the Barrel Removed

The Remington V3 utilizes the same VersaPort system as the successful Versamax released in 2010. The difference is that the V3 is able to shoot 2 3/4" and 3" shells while the VersaMax can shoot from 2 3/4" to 3.5" shells. This makes the V3 lighter, as the receiver is shorter.

Here's an animation of how the VersaPort system works:

The v3 field is actually pretty light in weight as far as auto loaders go, weighing in at 7.25lbs (and 47" overall with a 26" barrel). Even with this lighter weight, Remington claims it is one of the softest shooting shotguns on the market. Remington also claims that this system leads to very little fouling of the shotgun. Reports from Versamax owners are that the shotgun is very reliable, and hopefully that will carry over to the V3.

One note that might be of interest, is that none of the mechanism of the shotgun is housed in the butt stock. As illustrated in the photo, the gas pistons fit under the forearm; while the recoil springs are housed inside the receiver.

This might lead to various collapsible or folding stocks from the aftermarket, and possibly from Remington as well. Time will tell what will be available, as the V3 is still very new to the market, and there is still no word from Remington if there will be a tactical, or home defense model offered (though, Remington does have a very full line of tactical models of their shotguns, so one would presume there will be something down the line). Adding a magazine extension should be easy, as the V3 shares the same threads as Remington's venerable 870 and 1100. One would need to remove the dimples on magazine tube before an extension could be utilized however.

The shotgun come included with three choke tubes (IC, Mod, and Full), a choke wrench, a magazine plug, and the manual.

Once we are able to put some rounds through the shotgun, we'll be better able to give the highs and lows of this shotgun. Stay tuned for the updated reviews.

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