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Watch: Cops Smash Darren McFadden's Windows

Watching the TMZ video below of two cops breaking the car windows of ex-NFL running back Darren McFadden during an arrest can be instructive to us for our self-defense when taken in the context of our earlier article on the L.A. Riots.

Although this video covers the whole incident from initial contact with the unresponsive McFadden, his extraction from the car, and proning him out for arrest, watch with particular attention to the efforts by both officers to break out the car windows. There are two body cam views, one for each officer. The officer on the driver's side is using his heavy flashlight to smash out the window. The officer on the passenger side appears to be using a small, sharp window punch.

While it's easy to get caught up in the craziness of the arrest, it's the visual and audible efforts by both officers to try and break out the windows that is interesting. You can see them -- and hear them -- laboring under the repeated efforts to try and break out the windows.

The reason we are pointing this out is to give you confidence in the ability of modern automobile glass to take a beating before breaking. Modern laminated safety glass is designed to keep from shattering easily. So breaking out the windows of a newer car can be tough.

Granted, this video shows windows defeating the initial blows from two fairly lightweight instruments being wielded only by male humans. Bigger, heavier objects traveling at speed -- like bricks thrown from overpasses or a deer on a dark highway -- can and do have the ability to penetrate auto glass with potentially lethal results.

But, here's the point -- If you find yourself forced to slow down and you begin getting attacked in your vehicle by assailants throwing rocks, know that you have some protection to give you time to focus on escaping the situation.

Don't panic. Keeping the integrity of the barrier your car buys you time, and time buys you options. Be decisive. Keep moving and drive out, through, over, or around the problem to escape.

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