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Shoot Free Throws for Better Pistol Skills?

So, we just started shooting or I haven't shot in a long time and I want to be able to do something to help me improve. What's something that I can do on my own to help me get to a point where I can start improving my shooting?

In the video below, we're going to use basketball as an analogy to help us relate to what we can do to help us in our shooting practice. If I'm just starting to play basketball, I'm going to go into the gym when it's empty; no one else is there; it's just me, and I'm going to start shooting free throws.

I get my feet at the free throw line. I'm going to dribble a couple times and I'm going to shoot at the basket. The basket's not moving; it's not a game, and no one's trying to steal the ball from me.

I'm just in my own head thinking about the mechanics that I'm doing what am I doing that is help produce a consistent repeatable shot, what kind of mechanics and what kind of movement am I doing that gets me closer and closer to a consistent shot pattern.

Now along those lines maybe I change the way my feet are. Maybe I dribble one more time one less time. Do I stand directly in front of it? Do I stand off of it? What am I doing that is changing the shot and how is it changing my shot?

So that's as important as doing the same thing every single time. I need to see where I'm shooting repeatedly and what types of things adjustments that I'm doing how are they changing that shot.

Now here's the great thing -- usually we're trying to balance speed in accuracy, but for now I'm not really worried about time and I'm not necessarily worried about accuracy. I'm looking for consistency. I'm looking for the actions that I'm going to take and my process to deliver a shot that's repeatable and consistent. What am I doing that's going to affect that consistency? How am I throwing it off? What's making it better?

I can do the same thing I do in the gym when I'm shooting a basketball when I'm out at the range. I can adjust my feet; I can switch them; I can see whether I should be straight on whether I should be off to a little bit to the side. What makes it so that I can shoot like a free throw and have a consistent result every single time?

When you get out to practice this, take a deep breath and relax. Don't worry about someone judging you because this is a path of self-discovery. We want to start getting consistent enough that that gives us a baseline so that we can progress through our shooting Journey

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