• Brad Parker

Criminals More Afraid of Armed Citizens Than Police

Criminals are more afraid of you and your legally-owned firearm than they are of the police.

One in three criminals have been stopped because of an armed citizen. Four out of five thugs avoid victimizing people who have guns. Shocking, isn't it?

In a research study sponsored by the United States Department of Justice, more than1,800 incarcerated felons were studied. Of these, 33% said their crime was thwarted by an armed citizen. Seeing has how criminals flock together, 69% knew of another criminals who had similar experiences. The huge majority of felons -- almost 80% -- admitted they give wide berth to potential victims who might be armed.

Criminals have two main fears -- getting caught and getting hurt:

1. Criminals will attack when the situation is most advantageous for them.

2. Criminals will look for the weakest targets to attack.

3. Criminals know the police are minutes away.

4. Criminals will use your fear of injury to make you comply.

5. Criminals know the police are bound by policies and procedures in the use of force.

6. Criminals don't know how much you know or how you will react.

Make yourself a harder target for criminals. Get the means and the training to defend yourself and turn the six points above around to your advantage.

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